Mobile Location Targeting For Capture, Campaign, and Conquest

Location is King

Location identification is king in the mobile space as it indicates true probability and identifies real-time opportunity to connect with users in the moments closest to action. PushPoint's geo-fencing technology allows you to identify high concentrations of your customers' mobile devices with pinpoint location accuracy and deliver targeted ad campaigns to those devices.

Geo-Fencing Capture

Using latitude and longitude coordinates, PushPoint captures mobile device IDs through geo-fencing, enabling identification at any position and point in time.  Data is then stored for retargeting.

Mobile Device Delivery

With our advanced location targeting capabilities you can select your target audience by device ID and reach them at the right place and time for maximum advertising impact.

Retarget at Will

Retargeting consumers through their mobile devices, based upon their past location behavior (like places they visited or regularly attend) with messages or offers delivered through their location enabled digital devices is changing mobile advertising.

Device to Household

Your location captured mobile device data can reach your desired target audience again and again through in-app delivered advertising. Mobile device data leads to household device data which expands your mobile reach.


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