Digital Kickstarter Package

Essential Toools to Build Your Business

A Fresh Start or a New Beginning

Whether you are just getting started in digital advertising or have dabbled in Facebook or Google ads for years, the Digital KickStarter Package is for you.  Packed with the most essential digital marketing services and loaded with strategic media options, the Digital Kickstarter Package is designed to help you produce positive results for your advertising dollar.


Digital Analysis
Audience Analysis
Digital Banner Ad Package
PURSU Big Data Audience Acquisition & Targeting
PURSU Digital Banner Ad Delivery
PURSU Custom Analytics Dashboard
Audience Retargeting
Monthly Expert Consultation and Account Management
PUSHPOINT Geofence Audience Acquisition & Targeting
PUSHPOINT Geofence Mobile Ad Delivery
Geofence Retargeting
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Social Media Management
Email Campaign Templates
Social Media Advertising

Digital Kickstarter Package

Mobile Geo Package

Advanced Digital Marketing Package